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Does Medicare Cover Vision and Dental?

Posted by Bryce Korngold
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Does Medicare Cover Vision and Dental?

As you are researching your options for Medicare coverage, it’s important to understand what is/isn’t included in your new healthcare plan. Original Medicare (including Parts A and B) doesn’t cover routine vision or dental care services. You might have coverage through an emergency situation for related medical support, but ongoing visits and regular coverage aren’t part of your plan.

Most patients want to have both dental and vision benefits, so they sign up for supplemental Medicare insurance – known as a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part C.

How a Medicare Advantage Plan Works

With Medicare Advantage, you have all of the same benefits that come through Original Medicare. Additionally, there is extra coverage for things that aren’t included in Original Medicare Part A or Part B.

You can find a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan that includes things such as:

  • Routine vision care
  • Routine dental care
  • Prescription medications
  • Certain memberships for health and fitness programs

You might need to pay a small monthly premium for these services. But it’s worth the cost because of all the added benefits you receive. Your out-of-pocket expenses for coinsurance or deductibles vary based on the plan and coverage that you choose.

Do Most Retirees Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Patients want optimal healthcare coverage, especially when they are dealing with various medical concerns in the later years of life. In addition, having good healthcare coverage in retirement brings peace of mind to knowing that you won’t be dealing with expensive out-of-pocket costs for basic medical care.

Recent reports show that more than 30% of Medicare beneficiaries choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. The additional coverage helps people live their best lives in the golden years.

The Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans

It’s important to understand that Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans are two different things. Signing up for Medicare Supplement Insurance (also known as Medigap) doesn’t give you vision or dental care coverage. Instead, these plans help cover your out-of-pocket expenses with Original Medicare, such as co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

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